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Our Philosophy

Why we love working with wood:

        It is renewable. It is sustainable. It is beautiful to our eyes. It is strong. It is versatile. It can be crafted into innumerable and infinitely useful things. It feels good when we touch it. It smells good. A musical instrument crafted from wood has the richest tones, the greatest range. There is nothing like wood.

        Wood is fertile and virile. It grows quickly and is highly useful and functional throughout every stage: young wood is pliable, mature wood is strong, and old wood is the most beautiful of all. It comes in an almost infinite variety of exotic colors, grains and sizes.

        The feel of wood furniture has been a family tradition since the beginning of recorded history. Wood is everywhere in, around, and throughout our lives. From staircases, floors, beams, banisters, chairs, cabinets, desks, moulding. No one ever gets tired of it. Even today in architectural sites, powerful pictures of wood that are skillfully crafted, creating quality products which make the reader slow down and relish every curve, every texture. There is something about the way light interact with the surface of wood showcasing the supreme blending of nature’s power and beauty. Wood, blended with other materials, becomes more beautiful and useful. Wood and stone. Wood and metal. Wood and glass. Wood enhances everything. It is hard to improve on perfection. However, with the proper craftsmanship, the very best of wood’s nature and beauty can be revealed and exposed to the world.

 The Deland Woodcrafter...